"The Storyteller" is the reverse of a silent movie, it has a storyline with music and narration, - AXEL SAMANO -

Deus Ex Machina: The Storyteller is a disc full of emotional tension and, according to Axel, this disc is without a doubt his best creation up to now. The Storyteller is the opposite of a silent movie. It has a story line with music and narration; pictures are left to be developed by the listener. This album is an EPIC MUSICAL NOVEL. Each track tells part of a story and the whole album tells the full story—it’s like reading a book. Each song is a chapter.

This album tells the story of a transgender man who decides to commit suicide and face God to ask for answers about his destiny, since in the world of the dead things happen where religion, science, quantum physics, spirituality and Greek mythology are fused to give life to this musical novel full of tension and emotion. 
The transgender person commits suicide and faces God, who gives him the knowledge to understand time and space better, but at the same time condemns him to live in Limbo for an indefinite period of time. Disagreeing with his God’s decision, the transgender man escapes from Limbo and returns to face his God, but this time with the silly idea of winning the battle against the Almighty.

“Inter Duos Mundos” then describes the battle between God and the Mortal. As it is to be expected, God wins the battle and sends the mortal to live eternally in hell, guarded by Hades. Once in hell, Hades is lovingly seduced by the Mortal, who succeeds in convincing Hades to let him escape to release his vengeance on the three dimensional world. When he is ready to double time and space and open the portal that divides the earthy world from the spiritual world, God appears before him and it is here where the last song of the album tells the end of the story in an epic and unexpected manner. 

The music was written entirely by Axel Samano and it took him three years to learn on his own the musical theory behind the orchestra. This is an original disc and in complete accord with its author, because Axel ‘s soul was involved in the majority of the songs—his own history.

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Axel Samano is a transgender artist whose main focus is electronic music. His productions include musical genres such as EDM, EBM, Rock, Industrial, and in his new production “Deux Ex Machina” he has also demonstrated his ability to transport the listener to another world via his epic musical novel: “The Storyteller.”

Axel released his first album back in 2015, The name of this album is “Thunderbolt”, which from the beginning has gotten rave reviews from critics, one of which described the album as ““intensely enigmatic with mysterious subject matter. The viewers and listeners encounter a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous and sometimes apocalyptic.”

He, inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach, is always flying high and dedicated to soaring to great heights, but he still has greater heights to reach. In his soaring, he has acquired two technician degrees Computer Systems and Social Communication. Soaring even further with a university degree in Psychology and is certified as a Radio announcer/host type "B"".

Born in the ‘80s and disdaining the traditional art schools, Axel is mostly self-taught, and art has always been his passion. He wrote three theater scripts when he was fifteen years old. He has written more than ninety songs and melodies but still he affirms he's “far from the shores he left behind and still far from the shores he has yet to reach”

To describe Axel Samano's work is a very complex task. The double CD Deux Ex Machina presents to the public two parallel visions of Axel: Deus Ex Machina: Antikythera is a CD where the listener will enjoy several musical genres such as EDM, EBM, Synth-pop, Future-pop and Rock. Each musical theme describes the impersonal experiences of Axel Samano.

The first track “In the End” describes the tragic history—inspired by an actual event that happened close to him—of a woman in love with a man who for more than thirty years made her life impossible until he died. On the other hand “A Matter of Time” tells the beautiful story of one of his woman friends who had the joy of knowing a man she was madly in love with and whose love was reciprocated; however, many years later her husband forgot her completely when he was suffering with dementia.

Not everything is love and tenderness in the disc. Some songs strongly criticize social biases. For example, “Wanderland” criticizes a society that justifies fear and personal hatred of a God who, according to them, is all love, but at the same time holds grudges.

“The Hunter” describes the love between a man who decides to dress as a woman and courts another man without knowing what the destiny will bring. And what about “Power and Glory”, one of the tracks that has received more ovations from the critics than any other, due to its energetic rhythm and a controversial theme about the wars between nations. Not only that, but this disc has 18 tracks in English and 9 in Spanish.

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"El Universo que Somos"
Curso básico de Física Cuántica a un nivel atómico y espiritual.

Según la Física Cuántica, puede ser que todo exista al mismo tiempo, que la evolución de las cosas han ido ocurriendo en la medida que nos vamos dando cuenta que están ahí, que lo irreal existe, pero, nuestros pensamientos son los que deben cambiar la realidad.

Viernes, AGOSTO 5, 2016. - 7:00 PM
107 W Orchard Ave. Selah Wa 98942


- Estructura Física [Concepto básico de nuestro ADN]
- Sistemas de Creencias [Aspectos del Ser]
- Introducción a la Física y Mecánica Cuántica.
- Mecánica Cuántica del cerebro.
- Efectos de la Consciencia

Inscripción: $21.00

Many of us are experiencing a major shift in consciousness as we undergo our own spiritual awakening, find our true purpose, and realize our potential as spiritual beings. You may have heard many titles for this time on Earth, but the underlying principle is that a loving, compassionate, conscious reality is slowly replacing an outdated, fear-based, unconscious one.  In metaphysical terms, we are experiencing a global shift to a higher vibration.
You play a big part in this master shift, because you have a divine, ever-present connection to the Universe. Your shift in consciousness will allow the heavy energy on Earth to dissipate further, revealing a truly beautiful reality behind the veil. If you can relate to the following ideas, you might very well be experiencing a shift to a higher vibration…
As you go through a spiritual awakening, you will have an unrelenting desire to detach from limiting belief systems, and explore your own philosophies more. You may feel isolated and lonely at times, and others may call you crazy or too unconventional. You will probably find that your new values are in stark disagreement with the “norm,” and your newfound craving to walk your own path will lead you far away from mainstream ideals.


At this point, you begin to realize that you cannot become your best self with toxic substances or toxic people weighing you down. To become a being of light, you will discover that drugs, alcohol, junk food, abusive relationships, and too much time around technology will severely deplete your energy.
Along your spiritual quest, you will become interested in feeding your body lighter, nutrient-rich foods, and staying away from negative people. You probably will become very sensitive to the radioactivity within phones, computers, TVs, etc.


Most people think a spiritual awakening means an immediate removal of all the heavy energies, and a sudden transformation from a deep slumber to true enlightenment. However, a spiritual journey involves constant fluctuations as karmic energy comes to the surface and you work to rid your energy body of those experiences and emotions.
You may have deep wounds from your childhood, past relationships, and past lives that need a lot of attention and healing before you can move forward.


When you go out to a restaurant, grocery store, or bank, you may start to see these things as meaningless and harmful to the greater purpose you have found in life. You start to become disinterested in material items, shopping, eating out, and doing all the “normal” things people do. You may start to find more solace and meaning in nature and exploring your creativity.


One of the biggest transformations people go through during vibrational shifts is a longing to get out of their current job, and into one that fulfills their true purpose. Many people even start their own businesses as life coaches, Reiki masters, or healers of some sort. They can’t spend another second in a soul-crushing job when they know they came here for a greater purpose.


During this time, you probably will feel an even stronger divine connection to Earth and all its beings. When you see pollution in the air, animals being tortured, or someone crying, you will likely experience a strong reaction and wish you could instantaneously heal everything and everyone on Earth.
As you learn to love yourself more, you will therefore be able to love others more, which will deepen your sense of empathy towards others.


You have become ultra-sensitive to others energies, and sometimes being around other people drains your own energy. You want to spend time exploring your creativity, and developing a relationship with yourself. If you find yourself wanting to go off on your own more, don’t worry; this is a normal part of tuning into your higher self.


You begin to realize that all your life, you unconsciously helped create whatever experiences you had up to this point. Now, you know that you can consciously create your reality, and bring about the experiences you actually want to have. You no longer feel encapsulated by a victim mentality, and understand that you and you alone can change your life. You start to take on full responsibility for your emotions, experiences, and actions.


Most people would just call these coincidences, but upon awakening, you will come to know them as synchronicities. If you see repeating numbers frequently, such as 11:11, 2:22, etc, your spirit guides or angels are letting you know that you’re on the right path. If you have a song in your head and hear it on the radio immediately after, you are experiencing synchronicity as well.
As we keep moving forward, you will probably experience more synchronistic events in a variety of new and exciting ways!


You begin to realize that this planet needs more love, and figure out ways to use your own gifts and energy to spread it like wildfire. You may feel the urge to get rid of a lot of your belongings by giving them to charities, or you might want to volunteer more around your community.
During this transformation, you may decide that a minimalist lifestyle can serve you better in the long run. Having outward clutter causes inward clutter, and you realize how light you feel when you give rather than take.


You realize that the only time we have is now, and that the past and future are illusory concepts. By living in the now moment, you realize you can actively create your future in the present, rather than waiting for the future to come to you.

 Electronic music artist to aid children in warzones

Entire proceeds of ‘Thunderbolt’ to be donated in honor of Syrian refugees and other local non-profit organizations.

September 16th, 2015

Butte, Montana – An electronic recording artist will be donating the entire proceeds of his brand new release after being haunted by images of Aylan Kurdi a toddler who died trying to escape his native Syria.

            Axel Samano’s latest release, Thunderbolt – which he describes as “part electronic, part power-synth, rock, industrial with a little metal and hard rock.”

Axel Samano said the album was inspired by Rumi's poems, Sufism, spiritual teachings from Kabbalah, Buddhism and ancient cultures.

“My goal is to share what I have been learning about life and the main subject is love,” said Samano. “This is an ode of love for humanity itself. I just believe in love and to be kind.”

He also believes that people should use their talents to build a stronger human race.

Samano’s philosophy, which can be found in his music, has also spread to his goals, and Thunderbolt is his way of helping others, he said.

“After seeing the news about my ‘brothers’ and Syria and the death of this poor innocent kid named Aylan Kurdi, I decided to donate every single penny of my album sales to a non-profit organization dedicated to save kids and help all those in need,” said Samano, who considers himself a global citizen.

In addition to helping children in war-torn countries, Samano said that every three months, he will choose a new non-profit organization to which to donate the entire proceeds of the online sales (digital downloads/MP3s) from his website, www.axelsamano.com.

“It took me over than 10 years to reach this point,” said Samano, who found much of his inspiration for his music living in Montana after spending time in large, musically rich areas like Seattle.

“I thought big cities with a wider music scene would help, but I realized that a small friendly town such as Butte was able to provide me what I needed as an artist. Its friendly people and their care for the community gave me the chance to explore the deepest feelings about caring for others,” he said.

In addition to Samano, Thunderbolt also features the talents of Mexican vocal artists Anelyda Polichaeta, American vocal artist Ammy Phoenix; American tenor Travis Stehmeier; American guitarists Billy Yaeger and Thunderbolt was mastered in Berlin, Germany by Ludovic Aeschelman.

Thunderbolt has gotten early rave reviews from critics, one of which who has described the album as “intensely enigmatic with mysterious subject matter. The viewers and listener encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.”

“I know I can’t change the world but I can certainly make a huge difference,” Samano said. “Maybe I am dreaming way beyond reality, but in my head, is possible to do something good.  I want to focus harder on my community. My plans are the kids – they are our future, our generation and I am sure they will be smarter than us and be able to fix the mess we have been creating.”

The album will be available for purchase through www.axelsamano.com
Only heaven knows how hard I try to get attention from the media so I can explain the idea behind this personal project named "Thunderbolt", short-long story the entire proceeds of the album will be donated to different non-profit organizations focused on the well-being of all those in need, the local media didn't seem to care at all, I went to http://www.usnpl.com/mtnews.php - This site has a full list of the newspapers in the state, I sent an Email to each one and I got just one response from Marma (Helena Air reporter), but that's Ok.

I could lie over the internet and talk wonderful things about what is going on right now, but would should lie?, this is what I feel and I think I should be honest with all those that I know they do care.

I am not a hater, I do not have political point of views and the Hollywood stars are not that important for me but certainly they deserve my respect as human beings, I personally don't like the media, the paparazzi and the tabloids, I really don't care if the rapper "Young Thug" issued a public threat to another rapper called, named or known as"Plies" ... I am mentioning this because those were the "Last News" I heard about, in May this year 2015 the local media got crazy because Kim Kardashian's skidded on an ice-covered Montana road and dangerously crossed into oncoming traffic.

It is sad, our society is focused on so many vain events that we forget what really matters; And I am not talking about the "News" about "Thunderbolt" is the idea behind and I am 100% sure I am not the only artist around the world that would like to help the ones in need but my way makes an unique form an expression and I know this could've inspire to big, better and well known artist to do something bigger than what I am doing, but who cares? - I am not Young Thug's friend, I am not a Kardashian, I am not planning on getting naked or becoming a porn star, so who cares? - Why should I be in the newspaper?.

I also tried to open an account so I can "sell" my songs through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and some other venues; Well, they want me to pay a yearly contract, get a "label" for my album, pay for the bar code and give them a commission ... I wonder what part of "The entire proceeds of the album will be donated to those in need" - I would understand they wouldn't trust me but if they would've care I would've ask "them" so send the check they would have to send "me" to a  non-profit organization I would pick ... But C'mon, that's too much work for them and not worth it. - So, "Thunderbolt" is not available at any "Big" music store but this website.

Then, I tried to do some advertising using Facebook and social media; I knew I had to pay but I didn't know why so much just for a few.

But this sour experience with the media won't stop me from doing what I had in mind, despite them; This is me and my good will and my fair-enough knowledge for  what I do;  I have been able to create the music, write a song for it, sing the song and make a video for it; Good or bad this is a personal achievement.  we all must enjoy life ... And like Rumi said once; "Life is guest house,  A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes As an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they're a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

I am still happy, this a personal achievement and I won't fall for they think would "sell"; I could start singing about asses, big breasts, hot chicks, bang-bang, moan-moan and repeat but it won't happen. 

Axel Samano

"Ride the Wind" is almost like an anthem, I wrote the song thinking about how free we could be if we want to...

Some people love to proclaim their freedom as a matter of fact but not all are free, some are so attached to religion, cultural systems, nationalism and some other ideas from the social system they "belong to", so "Freedom" then is limited to the circle where they belong SO freedom is limited.

Some people are put in jail since they are babies and they grow up limiting themselves to what other say is the right thing to do, for example; "Everybody" is allowed to fall in love, to love and to be loved BUT ... That's kinda new; Gay marriage was approved recently,  interracial marriage was not legal until 1967 and some other "stuff" .... In the USA for example, people proclaim freedom but well, is Wyoming is prohibit by law to take pictures of bunnies in June. - But I guess freedom is freedom if you can say "I am free" (Despite the fact would mean nothing to those who are simply unattached to "human" rules.)

I called Anelyda couple months ago and I told her about "Thunderbolt" and she just said "Yes!", she didn't know what kind of music, lyrics, idea or concept, she just accepted, we meet time ago when were teenagers, we had a band together and used to Rock and roll around the city, in fact I remember we used to hang out around downtown after midnight, right there by the cathedral, sitting and singing with a guitar... What a wonderful life.

I told her about "Thunderbolt" and the idea behind the project and my current intentions of helping the ones in need and she said; We are all part of everything, we must support our equals, wars will always bring consequences and will always damage the most to all those incapable to protects and defend themselves, we should work together, we should make a difference.

She is a great Vocal Artist, she has an amazing voice and it means a lot to me the fact she is part of Thunderbolt, she is also bringing back old memories about my "younger-me" and it's funny that when we talk seems that the years haven't affect us at all, we still talk like we used to, we laugh like we used to but the most incredible thing is that we still are able to sing together and feel the beats inside our soul.

Less talking and more music, here it is; "Ride the Wind"

Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.