Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Absurd Fury Girl

I love my little sister to death, she's 8 years younger than me, now she's in her twenties,  we have an incredible communication, I trust on her my most deep and miserable secrets when I feel dragged by my coldest thoughts. - And even tho she is already married and a professional dancer I must confess ... I still see her as the little one.

Sometimes, I think, she's all dreamy and femmy because of me, I mean, she was born when I was 8, so when I was 10, I can actually say I had a 2 years Old Living Doll, I used to play barbies with her, we dress them and they had the most incredible hair-styles ever. I also had my little brother, 4 years younger than me and we also had a cool childhood, both of my siblings gave me the chance to fulfill my masculine and feminine side, my brother and I used to play video games all the time, starting with Street Fighter up to the bloodiest game  back in the 90's - Mortal Kombat - but, we were not Video-Game-Freaks, we used to go out to the park or just play around the house, we used to build horror houses by using nylon strings, paper, water, kitchen ware, toys and music, we also used to build 'Fair-Festivals' for our Action-Figures (Our Favorites: Two Ninjas, his was a White Ninja named: White, Mine was a Black Ninja named: Black), we used strings, metals and fireworks ... and We almost burnt the house ...

So, my childhood was around my siblings, I had a neighbor, same age as me and we use to play He-Man Action figures but once my sister was born I spent most of my time with her, she was just so darn adorable ... But she used to cry a lot, she had attitude since she was a baby, she was the boss.

One day I came back from school and I was doing my home work, she came in and asked me to tell her a story (I wasn't allowed to say 'no, im busy' she would just scream and cry) but anyhow I loved to tell her stories, she just loved them, When I was a baby i grew up as a living doll as well, i was my 3 older sisters' doll, they use to tell me all the Disney / Fantasy stories, I loved He-Man so all stories with castles, horses, kings and queens were perfect for my imagination, same thing for my lil sister.

This time, I told her a new story; The little mermaid.
My sister was right there with an open mouth listening and dreaming about it, she was just impressed, she wasn't able to imagine how would be a mermaid ... Half woman, half fish?. - she kept asking so i drew her a mermaid and she kept the drawing while I was telling her the story, months later we went to Sears with my Dad and my sister saw the Little Mermaid poster and she just say "I want the little mermaid!" so my dad bought for us, we watched the movie and little sister ran through all kind of emotions, she laugh, she cried, she even wanted to get into the screen so she can tell Eric the brunette girl wasn't Ariel. - Oh, that part really pissed her off.

Back then in the 93; The song 'Zombie' by The Cranberries was a hit and my sister asked "What is she saying?", so I told her "She's singing about an ugly girl" - 'How sad' she said and she kept watching the video, then she asked me 'Why this world have ugly people?' - Because they cry a lot!!!  I said -  " Well, I cry a lot and im still pretty" - She said. - and - No, you are not. - my brother said and theres my sister beating him up.

So, is this painting an ode to my lil sissy's fury? - well, we called each other "Furias" (Furies) and sure, she still gets mad once in a while but like she said; shes still pretty. Everybody gets into absurds furies once in a while, thats life, but can we keep ourselves pretty after that?, she can, because she's my little sister and even tho she's 20 something years old, for me she is still the same little pretty girl with an absurd fury once in a while, but the painting is not 100% representative, she doesn't walk naked through the forest with a cat in her head and a basket full of lilies, there's no light bulb hanging above her head and there's no man in a rabbit/bear costume chasing her around with a flyswatter. But I must confess I was thinking about her while painting this piece, so I wanted to make sure the girl was pretty.

Axel Samano
Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.