Monday, November 19, 2012

Binding my own book

I’ve been working on my [Spanish] book and I wanted to make it an Ebook [Electronic Book] so people can read it by using any kind of Tablet or computer, but yesterday I was wondering about how much would cost me to print the book, well, the cheapest company I found would charge me an average of $4.00 per book [IF] more than 100 copies. 

I want to sell my [Digital / Electronic] book for NO more than $3.00, I do not care about making money and money and more money, I’m doing it for fun and the revenue will be used for the adoption process that I want to start … My biggest dream is to be a father. Some people already asked me if I will be able to sell a hardcopy of my book, some said they don’t have a Tablet and they do not like to read from a computer, some even said they enjoy reading while in the bathroom … So, I was wondering what should I do. If I print 100 copies that would cost me $400.00, shipping would cost and average of $2.50 per book [shipping to costumers], $2.50 more for ebay and paypal [commissions] that’s an average of $9.00 and how much should I sell it for?, I do not want to be abusive, I do not want to sell it for $24.99 … 

I was thinking no more than $10.00 …But all ‘These’ companies are making much more money than the real thing so … I have a plan. I’m always been Self-Taught and I will print and bind my own books!, I tried it today and I spent 4 hours binding just one, but I had so much fun!. So, if I do it by myself I think I can reduce the cost, sure, I will have to buy what I need in order to bind but it is more personal. Still, Paypal will get a fee from me unless my costumers send a money order or check but I want to make sure my costumers feel protected. But art is all about fun and I want my readers to have a piece of me, each book might have my finger prints … I think that’s the way to go. 

Axel Samano
Axel Sámano
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