Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Faded Glory Collection

Christmas 2012, December 24th. “Bonita Chingadera” – I said. – “What a beautiful Mess” is the translation for that and this phrase is full of sarcasm and maybe a little bit pain. 

Well, I guess I will spend my 24th eve. On bed … I remember, when I was a kid … Christmas used to be all about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and I guess now days still is the same, there’s something inside that makes me think about me being a kid. Back then in the 1987, next to my Kindergarten … The Red Cross complex used to provide health care services and an old woman used to sit on the steps, she was mentally ill, she used to carry an old doll, like if she was a 6 years old little girl, she used to feed her and she used to dress her up, they used to call her “La curra de Colima”, there’s no translation for that, “The Curra of Colima”, still I do not know the meaning of it, but Oh boy!, she used to scare me to death, people said; She lost her babies and she went ‘Crazy’ and I heard some people saying she used to try to hug all the little kids saying “My Girl, My Boy, my daughter or my son”, and just imagine … There I was holding my Mommy’s hand asking her if Daddy was home and she said “Oh yes! And he brought you a lot of toys!” suddenly ‘La Curra’ ran and try to hug me, my Mom held my hand tighter and I got scared, I do not remember if I cried, but I remember her touching my face and cleaning my t-shirt with her hands, I just remember my Mom telling me “Say Good Bye to the lady” … I guess, my nerves were 1,000 miles per second so my Mommy took me the Toy Store couple steps away from the Red Cross, we got in and it was like a paradise … 

I grew up in a very small town and my Daddy used to buy me Toy trucks, Airplanes, guns and … Boy toys I might say, and I used to love He-Man (the cartoons) but I didn’t have a clue of the meaning of “Action figures” and there I was, in the big city contemplating a whole wall full of He-Man toys … I went insane, so much that I totally forgot that Daddy was waiting for us at home, my mom was carrying my little 2 y/o brother and there I was having a mental orgasm, we went back home and my Daddy gave me a Drummer Teddy bear, a “hand” airplane, hard to describe, it was like a gun with a handle, this handle had something that dad used to “Squeeze” and the propellers turn, when I got home, Daddy was playing with it and he crashed the airplane against my tummy and hugged me, then, I just told him about what I saw in the Toy store, we went back so I can show him and he said “They look like dolls”, well, it didn’t matter, I want them, so he bought me one, next day I took my toy to the kindergarten and I made a new friend, he was a He-Man fan as well. That afternoon ;we had a lot of rain and I was outside making Origami-boats and I used to let them run with the water, suddenly I saw another boat going down … So there was another kid making “boats” - I knew- . And what a nice surprise!, the friend that I made in the kindergarten lived in less than 50 steps away from me!, useless to say I ran to my mom and asked her for permission so I can go and play and she said “yes”!, Oh Boy!, my friend had everything! All the He-Man toys, the Grayskull castle, the ships, the weapons … Everything!, we become best friends. 

Later, my older sister bought another He-Man, then my older brother bought me the Battle Cat, one of my sisters, 6 years older than me used to mess with me all the time, she used to hide my toys, she used to play with my He-Man and her Barbies, oh man, that pissed me off, there it was my He-Man on her Barbie Doll convertible and my Battle Cat used to be her Barbie’s Pet and I wasn’t allowed to say “give back my toys”, I mean, that was suicidal, so she used to hide them, last week I asked her on my Facebook “Do You remember when You used to do that? “ – I was playing hide and seek with them – She said. And yeah, sure, I remember that, she hid them and I used to run like crazy looking for them and she just used say “Very Cold, Cold, Warm, very warm or hot” according how far I was from them… So I got all the He-Man toys I wanted for Christmas and I was pretty smart guy, in the back of the packages were all the action figures and I count them: “9” so I thought: “Well, I got 4 He Man action figures this year, so next year I will be extra good so I can get the 5 that I want” … Well, new toys arrived and I made my math and I realized “If I’m getting 4 every year that means I will have the whole collection when I turn 50” … I do not know when I lost my innocence. I gave them away, I don’t know why, but back in 2005 I got them all back, I bought them online and when I held them I thought how important those toys were … 

I WAS ADAM and I WAS HE-MAN. – I wasn’t a very butch or masculine kid so I had a lot of bullies, they always called me FAG and I knew I was like He-Man, there was a time when a big guy said I was a little girl and he wanted to punch me in the face, so he got closer and I stepped back and he fall, that’s when I said “By the Power of Grayskull I have the power” and kicked him in the face, he was bleeding and I ran to my teacher and I told her what I did, I wasn’t in troubles, because I guess, my teacher ‘Aida’ knew I was a ‘Gay Kid’ and I just had enough. This guy used to live one block away from me but since that day he never called names and I knew I had the power. So, still He-Man has a lot of meaning, so I decided to create an Art Collection for this chapter of my life, I named it “Faded Glory”, this collection consist of 15 drawing and paintings, I decided to used pencil, Charcoal and water colors only, I sold the first one already and oh boy … I was packing the item and it really feels like if I was shipping an arm, it so personal, I think this is the first time in my life I’m drawing while thinking about those hard times when I was kid. My little brother, which is an adult now said: “The complexity of the concept is very appealing” and I think so too, FADED GLORY is the result of my experience behind my wars, Faded Glory represents an adult He-Man, a lawful and honest mercenary, a fearless man.
Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.