Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kiss me red ...

I think I'm getting complete, in fact I think I'm an easy going person and I'm able to adjust to any kind of situations; I can get the best of everything without complains but at this point I feel good, happier than before, life has been paying me back - I think - for all the positive thoughts I've planted.

... My partner loves to hear me sing, he jiggles and gives me good critics about the pitch of my voice or I go to low he would let me know it sounds right or not, for his taste of course, he likes country and I love metal so sometimes I drop notes to make it sounds deep and mysterious but that something that he doesn't understand and won't understand but he is a very good help, sometimes when I'm writing songs I get little whacky with my English some Spanish concept are too deep to translate and some concepts in English are hard to describe in 6 words ...

So today he went to get something from somewhere, tool stuff I guess so I went to a small private concert at Raising Venus Cafe and just by watching the guitars I wondered ' .. I should be performing as well ' - But it has been long long time since my last performance but yet I'm not scared or anything today I realized I want to do it again, I want to start going places to perform ... Can't wait 'till he gets back home so I can tell him, I know he will be happy.

Anywho... I just recorded this song and it sounds neat, I like it and I want to start creating more Rock, Metal with a twist of electronica and Synth ... I think it would be interesting.

Axel Sámano
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