Thursday, January 29, 2015

Angels all over

3 Days ago a friend of mine published couple pictures through Facebook, her little boy (3 or 4 years old) found a sharpie and drew 'creatures' and a series of numbers; 1252. - She wasn't concerned about the meaning, in fact she just wanted to share through her account how mischievous her baby boy was but yet she kept calm, she knows he is a toddler and by default this is part of dealing with our little ones.

I commented her picture and I asked if she knew the meaning of his drawings, she said those are the easier number for him to draw ... And yes, in this 'Material World" this explanation makes 100% sense. - But I knew this was not the real reason. 

Our senses are connected to 'something else' and you have the freedom to call it whatever you want to ... Indeed, teachers taught me how to 'write' but why my hand writing was so different than  my classmates back then in school and why is so different now? - Why babies smile while dreaming? What do they dream ? ... I am 100% sure they do not dream about this material world, so what's their connection to the spiritual side and when do we lose the link to it?. - Our imagination and our thoughts are the highways to the spiritual world.

This toddler drew series of numbers: 1252 and said he has friend, "this friend is like a monster but this monster is always happy and smiling" - He explained to my mom -. Well,  The number 1252 is the number of an Angel.

Might not sound right to call an angel 1252, why not to use a cute and Angelic name instead; Well, it is simple, think about this, would be a cute name is someone says;  "my name is Ho-See-toe" ... for Spanish speaking people sounds actually super cute!, in fact, the correct spelling would be "Josito" and the literal translation for English speaking people would be "Little Joseph" ... Angels know that, their names are out of realm of our perception; METATRON is a good example and his number is 108, we are familiarized with names such as John, Barbara, Jordan, Joe, Will, etc... Yet sometimes we don't even remember those simple names.

There's nothing new but I can assure you something; you can connect to Angels still, doesn't matter how old you are and I would be more than happy to be your guide.

I do not deal with friends about this spiritual connection, I do not deal with my family neither, is not an easy thing to do because I feel I want to spare with all of them this connection but "No one is a prophet in their own land" - And is not lack of credibility, they all know I have this positive energy that can be transported through the phone line but we do not appreciate what we think we have for granted.

Axel Sámano
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