Monday, January 26, 2015

Stupidty is not priceless

I have been touched by Metatron and I haven't share this that much with friends, they won't even understand the meaning of that and I do not feel like explaining it deeper than that.

My mom listens to me and she understands more than anybody else and I guess it is because we are both into the Kabbalah, she told me couple months ago that this is what she was looking for but she didn't know the name of it, she grew up in a small town and they told her the basics; 'This is what it is and nothing else, a man will find you, you will become his wife, have kids, make dishes, dinner and make him happy'. - But she always wondered about "things" but she wasn't able to explore, she was scared to be considered heretic. I remember when I was a teen she was into all this so called 'New Age' into meditation, meaning of dreams, energy and things like that. - I thought it was cute to see my mom into all this. - I was just too busy being a teen and didn't want to waste time on all "that". {Yes, I regret, but at the same time I wasn't prepared for it.}

But somehow I got curiosity and I started studying the Wicca,  Odinism and I bought even the 'Necronomicon' - back then I didn't know if it was real or not, I just thought was kinda cool to be a wizard - Maybe. -

But I am older now and like I said, I have been touched by Metatron, strange things are happening, I wake up in the middle of the night {3 am} every single night and I feel I am ready to start my day, but that's the only thing, I feel connected to my mother earth, I like to contemplate the stars and wonder about the universe, the animals are my fast connection to the earth pulse, people say they feel in peace being around me and no one dares to fight me, because I do not give reasons to build in them a feeling for war, who would dare to assure I am a bad person? - I have notice people from my past trying to reach me, despite all facts, I think they got something good that made them come back, but I didn't offer any physical attachments, I am sure they realize they were better next to me, I do not keep any bad thoughts about anybody like hate or similar feelings. But at this point I am on a different path and this path requires all my attention, their point of talking is pointless when they must know that what I did deserved respect and this is not revenge, I had to meditate my words so I can bring them to this dimension, I knew it, mentally I knew it... Everybody knows I live to serve, I am not a taker, I am giver, an ill person is chance for me to get in touch with my deeper emotions of love for others... I am saying this in public, who would dare to contradict this, if I have proved my words dance according to the rhythm of my thoughts {?}. - So I do not feel like contacting back would help anybody, I think it would only keep enabling their bad habit of reaching for others when things are not doing good.

I wanted to save the world, I wanted to reach further and grab as many hands as I could, but in a dream I fall asleep and woke up in it - I guess you call it a 'Lucid Dream' - then I realized, that would be suicidal. - I see the world differently, I am open to conversations, I love to talk with friends about everything but I do not touch this subject about the spiritual side unless they want to talk about it. Because I really don't like when Catholics, Christians, Mormons and such want to convince you to join their realm of salvation. - Sorry, but for me that's bullshit. - I am into the spiritual world, but this doesn't mean  I am not allowed swear, 'Bad Words' don't have a meaning for me but I know they do for most of you ... Taking in consideration English is not my native language, my thoughts are not in English, in fact I only dreamed once in English. {10 years ago}

The world is changing and only a few can notice it, some people are afraid to be alone and sadly that's the path they decided to take time ago, life gave them a chance once, life is not a bitch, nothing is a punishment, nothing is bad luck it is just mere reaction or your actions, I can light up a match and try to grab the flame ... I will burn my fingers, then shall I cry, curse the flame or accept the result of my stupidity?.

I seen people crying loneliness, I never walk in into their realm, I can sense their faults yet I do not judge, but, I wouldn't try to revive their hope when I know tomorrow they throw it away by letting themselves fall again into deep thoughts about their sorrow, I do not walk away with a sarcastic smile neither, I just stay there, keeping my distance, hoping they can just ask the right question, I am not saying I will be their savior, but what can I answer when their questions are limited to their melancholy, sorrow and sadness, just a few can ask themselves "What Am I doing wrong?" - most people expect to be loved but for them; giving love is an heroic act that requires to receive it first... Wrong... Not even animals would do that, so don't cry, don't curse the flame, accept the result as the reaction of your stupidity, I am not a saint, I'm just trying to be fair to apply justice equally, without regrets or remorse. 

I won't tell what people should learn, these are my thoughts, wrong or good I am still on the path, I haven't change a bit but my perception goes beyond my understanding as a human being.

And that; Ladies and Gentleman ... Makes me feel proud.



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