Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ride the Wind - Featuring Anelyda Polichaeta

"Ride the Wind" is almost like an anthem, I wrote the song thinking about how free we could be if we want to...

Some people love to proclaim their freedom as a matter of fact but not all are free, some are so attached to religion, cultural systems, nationalism and some other ideas from the social system they "belong to", so "Freedom" then is limited to the circle where they belong SO freedom is limited.

Some people are put in jail since they are babies and they grow up limiting themselves to what other say is the right thing to do, for example; "Everybody" is allowed to fall in love, to love and to be loved BUT ... That's kinda new; Gay marriage was approved recently,  interracial marriage was not legal until 1967 and some other "stuff" .... In the USA for example, people proclaim freedom but well, is Wyoming is prohibit by law to take pictures of bunnies in June. - But I guess freedom is freedom if you can say "I am free" (Despite the fact would mean nothing to those who are simply unattached to "human" rules.)

I called Anelyda couple months ago and I told her about "Thunderbolt" and she just said "Yes!", she didn't know what kind of music, lyrics, idea or concept, she just accepted, we meet time ago when were teenagers, we had a band together and used to Rock and roll around the city, in fact I remember we used to hang out around downtown after midnight, right there by the cathedral, sitting and singing with a guitar... What a wonderful life.

I told her about "Thunderbolt" and the idea behind the project and my current intentions of helping the ones in need and she said; We are all part of everything, we must support our equals, wars will always bring consequences and will always damage the most to all those incapable to protects and defend themselves, we should work together, we should make a difference.

She is a great Vocal Artist, she has an amazing voice and it means a lot to me the fact she is part of Thunderbolt, she is also bringing back old memories about my "younger-me" and it's funny that when we talk seems that the years haven't affect us at all, we still talk like we used to, we laugh like we used to but the most incredible thing is that we still are able to sing together and feel the beats inside our soul.

Less talking and more music, here it is; "Ride the Wind"

Axel Sámano
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