Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 Electronic music artist to aid children in warzones

Entire proceeds of ‘Thunderbolt’ to be donated in honor of Syrian refugees and other local non-profit organizations.

September 16th, 2015

Butte, Montana – An electronic recording artist will be donating the entire proceeds of her brand new release after being haunted by images of Aylan Kurdi a toddler who died trying to escape his native Syria.

            Axel Samano’s latest release, Thunderbolt – which she describes as “part electronic, part power-synth, rock, industrial with a little metal and hard rock.”

Axel Samano said the album was inspired by Rumi's poems, Sufism, spiritual teachings from Kabbalah, Buddhism and ancient cultures.

“My goal is to share what I have been learning about life and the main subject is love,” said Samano. “This is an ode of love for humanity itself. I just believe in love and to be kind.”

She also believes that people should use their talents to build a stronger human race.

Samano’s philosophy, which can be found in her music, has also spread to her goals, and Thunderbolt is her way of helping others, she said.

“After seeing the news about my ‘brothers’ and Syria and the death of this poor innocent kid named Aylan Kurdi, I decided to donate every single penny of my album sales to a non-profit organization dedicated to save kids and help all those in need,” said Samano, who considers herself a global citizen.

In addition to helping children in war-torn countries, Samano said that every three months, she will choose a new non-profit organization to which to donate the entire proceeds of the online sales (digital downloads/MP3s) from her website,

“It took me over than 10 years to reach this point,” said Samano, who found much of her inspiration for her music living in Montana after spending time in large, musically rich areas like Seattle.

“I thought big cities with a wider music scene would help, but I realized that a small friendly town such as Butte was able to provide me what I needed as an artist. Its friendly people and their care for the community gave me the chance to explore the deepest feelings about caring for others,” he said.

In addition to Samano, Thunderbolt also features the talents of Mexican vocal artists Anelyda Polichaeta, American vocal artist Ammy Phoenix; American tenor Travis Stehmeier; American guitarists Billy Yaeger and Thunderbolt was mastered in Berlin, Germany by Ludovic Aeschelman.

Thunderbolt has gotten early rave reviews from critics, one of which who has described the album as “intensely enigmatic with mysterious subject matter. The viewers and listener encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.”

“I know I can’t change the world but I can certainly make a huge difference,” Samano said. “Maybe I am dreaming way beyond reality, but in my head, is possible to do something good.  I want to focus harder on my community. My plans are the kids – they are our future, our generation and I am sure they will be smarter than us and be able to fix the mess we have been creating.”

The album will be available for purchase through
Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.