Thursday, March 25, 2021

Montana 1983!


With 3 albums under her authorship, Axel has proven to be a natural talent, with the ability to create a sound environment capable of transporting the listener to epic worlds. Her album Deus Ex “Machina: The Story teller”, is a good example, where each song is full of fantasy,  making this album an audio book with each track telling the story of her transition in an epic way, from an apparent suicide, due to the fact that she didn’t agree with her assigned gender then she meet and seduce Lucifer just after having a confrontation with God, who sent her into limbo where she finally managed to escape only to have an unexpected ending.

Her new production “Montana, 1983” will transport the listener back to the 80s; this album has a clear modern Synthwave/Synthpop style. 

The lyrics, the recording, the editing and the production are from her own authorship showing her talent as composer and producer, this is something worth mentioning. In her own words, Axel affirms that being transgender is not a limitation to her talent and having a thriving attitude. In a recent interview, she said she is looking to break the predefined social scheme where transgender girls are being perceived as icons of lust or a “different kind of girl”, willing to be a little dirty secret for those who are looking for something “new” of for those looking to fulfill their own fantasies. 

“I am not interested in giving a lot of importance to my lifestyle, but at the same time I think is important to let people know that I am transgender; this way they can judge my professional life, and personal behavior, and eventually they will take the time to realize that transgender girls are humans beings too able to create, to love and to be loved instead of just being seen as sex objects to have fun with.

“Montana 1983” is her first album as a transgender girl. Each track is a personal story; the first track of this album is about a romance story between a well-behaved girl and a man with a questionable past.
“Danger after dark” gives us the first clue of this romance; "He is the kind of man good girls should avoid" ... That’s how the song starts with an amazing synthesizer and a bass line that undeniably will take you to the neon years… And talking about neon..

“Neon lights” is the second part of this story and Axel has been too honest about the inspiration for this particular set. “I kind of met a man who I later lost contact with. I thought he wasn’t interested in me so I didn’t bother to keep in touch. Months later, I discovered he was in prison and for some strange reason I sent him a letter and my number phone too. When he called me, my phone ID tipped me off where the call came from and I wasn’t very sure about answering it, but I did. Before I lost contact with him, we were planning a dinner date to get to know each other better. He however explained what happened and said he had been thinking about me. That was the night I wrote “Neon lights.” Maybe justice got served and the law sees him as a bad boy, yet he treated me like a queen and that’s what truly matters to me.
“Her” is a song that mixes synth wave and Dub step elements with robotic voices and hard drums. In the middle of the song, Axel sings with the latin accent that she affirms she is very proud of.

“Shield Maiden” is maybe one of the most romantic songs in the album. The song is clearly from the 80s, where synthesizers and guitars play an important role, with a soft voice in G Major. Axel assures her loved one that she would be his shield Maiden just like in the Vikings era where the wife would fight next to her husband as a team. There is a part where Axel sings “We’ll defeat the storms and sail to shore, I can be a pirate too”, referring to her ambiguity as a transgender entity; here she proves she is not afraid to show fangs and claws in order to defend her man. She wouldn’t also mind playing a princess’ role or “A Pirate too”

“Icon of lust” is definitely a powerful song. The drums play an important role in giving the song a full different meaning for a Synthpop composition. This song is about how Axel sometimes feels especially when a man approaches her without knowing his clear intentions. “I am like a doe looking for shelter and you are a wolf in a cozy den” she says.

“Rumors” is a funny and aggressive song but mostly honest in its message. Axel once again proves to not be afraid to accept herself as she really is. The song talks about a relationship where her boyfriend apparently wants to keep their relationship a secret. 

We can keep describing the songs, but maybe it’s time for you to listen to this album full of energy that certainly will dive you into Axel's world. Interesting melodies full of power, romance and so many interesting twists. 

Overall, it is a nice and well-crafted album surrounded by that 80s magic: unbelievable bass lines, well programmed drums and synthesizer lines that have made Montana 1983 an interesting album all made by just one single person; Axel.
Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.