"My name is Axel Sámano, despite the fact I was born somewhere you call a country; I consider myself  a transhuman and a global citizen, I do not have country, I do not have religion; I believe in nothing else but  in the pure essence of freedom and love, kindness and good actions towards my Universe. - And nothing else."

She is inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach, always flying high and soars to great heights, but she still has greater heights to reach. In her soaring, she has acquired two technician degrees Computer Systems and Social Communication. Soaring even further with a Psychologist university degree and certified as a Radio announcer/host type "B"".

At age 16 she started her first Teenager Rock Band. "They were not doing what she was asking for" - Says Axel with a sarcastic smile “I was tired of seeing kids jumping around trying to emulate Kurt Cobain’s stage show. They were making "sounds" like kids that could not be repeated; they were not making music. They were impressionable and thought drugs went hand in hand with making music, which is something that I am not into, I was not content with that, so I departed”.

"I do my own music, my own lyrics and I sing. I cannot say my music is ART, the only thing that I know, is that my music is capable of taking you back to live your past again, to break your heart and fix it again,;  I am one of freedom’s fans. I am considered a conductor by my peers’, and in America I have the respect from my community by being who I am. I work as a Radio Announcer, Computer Technician, Web Developer, I can say I have success, but I am still soaring looking for more listeners. My music is too inspire those who know what they want, those who are willing to fight everyday for the equality and real freedom for all”.

Also, Axel Samano offers a dramatic visual statment on her Quilling (paper filigree) techniques, Charcoal and oil pastels drawings, beholders are able to notice a curious blend of reality and fantasy which characterizes both her life and her works.

The fact of blending natural oils from her hands and colors with her fingertips,  is an impulsive motto and an unique chance to  elevate her perception of reality to monumental status. Each blend leaves her full essence  in personalized signature for each piece.

Born in the 80s and Disdaining the traditional art schools, Axel was mostly self-taught, and arts have been her passion, she wrote 3 theater scripts at age of 15, she has more than  90 written songs and melodies but still she affirms she's far from shores she left behind and still far from shores she have yet to reach.

Axel Sámano
Intensely enigmatic and mysterious subject matter. The viewer encounters a vision of Axel Samano that is at once sympathetic, humorous, and sometimes apocalyptic.